Civil Union/Partnership Marriage in Northern Cape

Do you want to register a Civil Union/Partnership Marriage in Northern Cape? Contact your nearest Home Affairs office which has appointed Marriage officers who can solemnise civil unions/partnerships. The DHA office can inform you on the procedure.

Home Affairs office in Northern Cape

Carnarvon Small Office
9 Alheit Street,
8925 Carnarvon
Telephone: 053 382 3709

Colesburg Local Office Small
1 Corner of Chamberlain & Church Street, Thusong Service Centre
Telephone: 051 753 0215

Namakwa District - District Manager Operations
47 Voortrekker Street
7000 De Aar
Telephone: 053 631 0977 /8

Douglas Small Office
481 Southey Street
8730 Douglas
Telephone: 053 298 2690

Kimberley Large Office
7-9 New Main Street
Telephone: 053 839 5400 / 01 / 02

Civil Union Wedding in Northern Cape

A civil partnership/union marriage in terms of the Civil Unions Act provides recognition in law for Man/Man & Woman/Woman (same gender) couples and is by law an arrangement alike a marriage between Man/Woman (hetero) couples.

A civil partnership/union is also known as a same gender marriage.

However, in South Africa a civil union/partnership can also be formed by Man/Woman (hetero) couples.

Legal consequences & Civil Union Attorneys

Civil partnerships have the same legal consequences, responsibilities and rights as a marriage under
the Marriage Act. Find Legal Experts here: Civil Union/Marriage Attorneys

Marriage officers

Marriage officers who are appointed by Home Affairs and Magistrates are able to solemnise civil partnerships.


Wedding Ceremony

- At the ceremony there must be at least 2 competent witnesses present.
- The persons who want to register and enter into a civil union must be 18 years or older and may not be already married.

More information

Contact the DHA Home Affairs office in directly or visit website:

Register and initiate a Civil Union/Partnership Marriage in Carnarvon, Colesburg, De Aar, Douglas, Kimberley, Postmasburg, Prieska, Springbok and Upington in Northern Cape.

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